Management- What do you relate to a Management?

Is Management a task, discipline or people? Well it’s mixture of all the three. Management is task, discipline and the people. when I say people it’s the manager, hence every achievement and failure of management is an achievement and failure of a manager.

Now when we connect management to managers, it’s crucial to know who is manager? What is expected out of a manager?

Manager is a person who has responsibility to contribute, organize, set objectives, motivate, communicate, train and develop people. Their job is autonomous and beached in needs of organisation.

There has been loads of debate on efficacy of managers as some managers inspire us, some motivates and some fail woefully.

However, to be successful manager all managers need similar set of skills be it Operation, Finance, customer service or IT.

Here I am sharing 5 most essential skills which every Manager should possess to be successful in leading the team and driving organisation in correct path.


Every Manager should be in position to put across the point clearly in open and direct way to his/her team member. Managers should create a shared vision for entire team. While you put across your view and suggestion it is very vital that you also check / are aware if your team gets what you’re saying. This check of understanding is very important.

Again, communication should be two ways, so hold your horses and allow your team to share their view and suggestion…. This involves listening and more listening.

Objective Setting

The key in setting objective is that it should be discussed and agreed with people.  In attaining objective managers, should use SMART plan. (S-Specific, M- Measurable, A- Achievable, R- Realistic and T- Time bound). Once the objective is set and same is agreed upon by all then the execution of objective becomes much easier.


An important skill of manager is to be able to motivate his/her team, especially at the time when things are not working in a favourable way.  Motivate your team through recognition for their efforts and skills, give them rewards for their great contributions in achieving the goal. By doing so managers inspire and motivate their teams potential and levels of performance further.

Decision Making

Decision making is selecting from several possible alternatives a single course of action in process of problem solving. In doing so it is important that we identify the purpose of decision making, collect information, Innovate and list different possible choices, determine each alternative and finally put the decision into action.

Develop People

The first rule here is not to let one bad apple spoil your whole bunch. Difficult people can put a strain on the productive members of your team. Managers must be able to differentiate between good and bad. Managers should be able to energise and keep the team engaged in productive stuff. Developing and managing people is the toughest job but yet most crucial role of a successful manager.




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