CUSTOMER – Goal Of Every Organisation!

Customer is one who buys goods and services from a shop or business. Well, this is a standard definition of a customer. But if you ask me what is customer, I would say customer is everything. The Customer is why we are here in business.

Every organisation’s goal is customer and a satisfied customer is the best strategy in every business. Hence it is very important to understand the fact that quality in a service or product is not what you put into , it is what customer gets out of it. It is very essential not only to know your customer but also to care for them. To have satisfied customer it is crucial that we possess an excellent Customer Service Skills.

Below you’ll find few essential skills which will help you to deal with your customer and keep them satisfied for long term.

Communication: Everything starts with communication hence it is very important to have effective communication, the service manager should possess ability to listen carefully, understand the requirement and express thoughts clearly with appropriate response. Hence to have an effective communication one should practice on Positive Body Language, Speech, Attentiveness & consistency.

“You Might Have Brilliant Ideas, But If You Can’t Get Them Across, Your ideas Won’t Get You Anywhere”

Patience: To practice any skill one must have patience, so is in dealing your customer. Customer often reach out to you when they are in trouble, frustrated, annoyed or confused and hence patience always plays a key role in handling your frustrated customer. Listen to them, take time and understand what exactly the customer is looking for.

“Patience Is When You Are Supposed To Be Mad, But You Choose To Understand”  

Empathy: It is the capacity to understand or feel another person’s experience or emotions. To help your customer, it’s very vital to understand what happiness and success means to them, you need to step into their shoes.

“Empathy Is About Finding Echoes Of Another Person In yourself”

Be Honest: Being honest and transparent with your customer proves you truly care for them, even though the message you share is not positive. Being honest will keep your relation good with customer for long term.

“Just Open, Honest Communication Is The Best Thing In The World”

Product Knowledge: Believe me nothing will work out with your customer unless you have sound Product knowledge since without knowing how your product works in and out, you will not be in position to give solution to problems of your customer. Hence spend time in knowing your products and solutions in various circumstances.

“An Investment In Knowledge Always pays The Best Interest “

Time Management: Excellent time management is aid to customer service. Managing your time efficiently in analyzing the problem of customer as soon as you start the communication and quick solution would describe your time management skill. In case you don’t know the solution, the best support you can give your customer is to get over to someone who does rather than wasting your and customers time.

“If You Want To Be Productive, You Need To Become Master of Your Minutes”

Tenacity: Keep trying until you reach your goal, don’t quit. Being Goal oriented, focused and determined echoes your professionalism. A great work ethic and a willingness to go those extra miles to help your customer will come back to you ten-fold, remember that.

“Tenacity Is The Ability To Hang On, When Letting Go Appears Most Attractive”




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